Monday, July 27, 2009

dont this look so yummy. i made the ice cream a couple days ago. 1st time ever making home made ice cream. i used the recipe from the book that came with the ice cream maker. the magic shell topping, which is sooooo good, is from this website the toppings is from the cookies and cream sprinkles. they are a little crunchy, which i loved on this. plan on making more ice cream and taking some down to the family. my next goal with the ice cream maker is to make an ice cream cake. good luck to me on that.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

also wanted to add that my nephew thought the cakes were awesome. everyone enjoyed eating them up.
my oldest sister asked me to make a cake for her sons surprise bday party. my niece came over to help me, we had fun making and decorating the cakes. this is the end result of our hard work.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

with some of the decorations, i used that spray mist that u can use on cakes and stuff. i also used red sugar sprinkles and i almost used too much blue dye when trying to marble the fondant for the rose and for a couple of the butterflies. i also used shimmer dust on the blue rose and on one of the butterflies. that stuff is really pretty. my family really liked all of them.
yesterday i got a little creative and was messing more with fondant. id like to learn to do a lot of things with it, like ive seen on other blogsites. i had bought one of those gumpaste flower making sets and used the rose, daisy and another flower cutter. i took the advise of another blogger and used half of a paper towel cone and used it to keep the shape of my flowers. i had my gumpaste book open and used that to make my butterfly wings stay upright, which both things worked until the heat got to them when i took my cupcakes down to my parents for a family dinner. i should of taken a pic of them when i had them at home and while it was cool in my house. ill make sure to do that next time, either way i really had fun and was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Monday, July 6, 2009

this past weekend i was going to go to my nearby town and sell sweets. well my frosting didnt turn out the best, so i didnt go anywhere. wasnt enough time to make more. i had planned on trying to sell 2 cakes and some cupcakes and cookies, but ended up decorating the 2 cakes for my family. one went to my sister who's bday is today and the other went to my mom and dad cause their anniversary was the 3rd. they dont mind if the frosting wasnt 100%. it still tasted yummy just wasnt setting up the way i wanted it too. i think the humidity had to do with it too.