Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hi everyone!  its been a while again since ive been on here.  My cake orders have still been a little slow, and there are a couple cakes that ive done that i didnt get pictures of.  I have been messing with royal icing for a little while now and want to do a little more with that, within this year i am hoping to get a printer to start doing edible photos, so ill keep u updated on that.  3 of the cakes pictured below have royal icing for some of the decorations.  The Handy Mandy cupcakes, the monkeys and the target over the deer is royal icing.  The fishing boat on the cake water cake is rice krispies coverd in marshmellow fondant.  i like how it turned out.  I got some orders coming up a coupe birthday cakes, anniversary cake and 3 weddings so far.   I am back to work, fulltime at the job i got laid off from a couple years ago, so ill be a little more busy with that, but still hopefully as busy with my cakes too.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

i decided today to update my website.  my cake orders have slowed down some since its gotten colder.   i dont think the weather has anything to do with it though.  the cake below is a bday cake, i think it looks neat with it cut in the shape of the firetruck.  P.S.  everything i've put on this site today is backwards.  the hello kitty cake is the most current and the firetruck cake is the oldest.  sometimes i dont remember which way to put them on the site to put them in correct order, especially when i havent put them on in a while.

I also just did a cake yesterday,  it was a simple one that just said happy birthday on it.  it was all chocolate and turned out good,  the only thing bad about the evening was the weather.  it was snowing and the wind was blowing very hard causing white outs in spots,  but we made it to the destination and back home. 
the girl that wanted this cake, had told me that she wanted a horse cake a good 6months before her bday.  she new what she wanted way ahead of time, i thought that was great.  i wasnt totally happy with the one cake with the horse silhouette's, sometimes my free hand isnt as good as i'd like it to be.

this cake was made for a baby shower for a little boy.  the cake is white and some of the decorations on top are square cookies.  i thought it would be neat,  i was trying to make them look like blocks, sitting on top of the cake.  i also made mints,  i think they turned out well, it was the first time i had ever made them.