Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I know its not 4th of july, but it is almost here. I was making some stuff to sell at a function in a town near by and thought i would be creative with the frosting. I was happy with the results and got some nice compliments as well.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my mom and dad came over last night and had supper, but before we ate my mom and i messed with some fondant that i had bought. i've never messed with it before, but would like to do more things with it and try and make it myself. we had lots of fun making some things my mom made some pretty roses. she is really creative, i think. enjoy looking at what we made. you'll notice that we only used a few colors, but we were just messing around.
i almost forgot to give spongebob a net for chasing the jellyfish on top of the cake, i remembered the next morning. i tried giving patrick some one, but it just didnt look right.
this is the outcome. i was happy with the end result and my niece liked it too.
i made 2 of these, it was a 2 layer cake
this use to be white cake mix. isnt this pretty. i enjoyed doing this. i was thinking of something neat to do for my nieces bday cake. she really liked it.
this is a brownie that was made in a mini angel food cake pan, or thats what it looks like. i melted a little bit of creamy pb and marbled it into the pan after putting the brownie mix into the pan. i also made some in a muffin pan too. these turned out yummy. i love peanut butter and chocolate. the brownie stuck to the pan a little bit, but i believe i tried to get it out before it was ready. i am going to try it again later and wait longer. but it was still great tasting.
this picture turned out great. the warm, melted chocolate just looks so good.
This here, along with a couple other things, is something i decided to try and make and see what happened. this pan of brownies has pieces of andes mints in it and melted andes mints on top. it turned out really good. just enough mint to go with the chocolate taste of the brownies. will be making them again
i havent been on here for awhile. but have made a few things that id like to share with you.