Sunday, December 12, 2010

i decided today to update my website.  my cake orders have slowed down some since its gotten colder.   i dont think the weather has anything to do with it though.  the cake below is a bday cake, i think it looks neat with it cut in the shape of the firetruck.  P.S.  everything i've put on this site today is backwards.  the hello kitty cake is the most current and the firetruck cake is the oldest.  sometimes i dont remember which way to put them on the site to put them in correct order, especially when i havent put them on in a while.

I also just did a cake yesterday,  it was a simple one that just said happy birthday on it.  it was all chocolate and turned out good,  the only thing bad about the evening was the weather.  it was snowing and the wind was blowing very hard causing white outs in spots,  but we made it to the destination and back home. 
the girl that wanted this cake, had told me that she wanted a horse cake a good 6months before her bday.  she new what she wanted way ahead of time, i thought that was great.  i wasnt totally happy with the one cake with the horse silhouette's, sometimes my free hand isnt as good as i'd like it to be.

this cake was made for a baby shower for a little boy.  the cake is white and some of the decorations on top are square cookies.  i thought it would be neat,  i was trying to make them look like blocks, sitting on top of the cake.  i also made mints,  i think they turned out well, it was the first time i had ever made them.
this was the last wedding cake that i knew i was going to be doing for this year.  it is choc and white, and there was also 2 sheet cakes that were made for this wedding as well.   the topper is a red candy S.  it was the first time ive ever made candy successfully,  i was very happy with the results.  i had tried to make candy some months before and it didnt turn out.  i think it is something ill try to do again.  the whole day was nice for their wedding day, i think its nice when that happens.

the cakes below were really fun to do.  the teeth cake is a chocolate cake covered in fondant.  it was a different for someone to order a cake like this, but fun.  the bowling ball cake below it was a task,  i had never done a cake using the ball pan, it was quite an experience, especially when it came to decorate it. 

this cake is so neat, i love the colors and i added sparkles to it at the end.  the cake is white on the inside, but very colorful on the outside.
i really like how this cake turned out,  the icing, if you can tell, is a light shade of purple,  i thought it would look good against the white Hello Kitty and the pink dress she is wearing.  Kennedy loved the cake.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hi everyone!  Hope all is well with everyone.  Things have been kinda slow for orders here lately, but its alright,  gives me time to play around with ideas ive had for things.  i will post pics of them.   This cake here is one a did for a friends 2 boys,  both their bdays are in september.  It turned out really well i think and they enjoyed it too!  i have a few orders coming up for birthdays and a baby shower.  I still got one more wedding for this year to do, as of right now anyway.  Have a good day everyone!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello everyone!  Its been a while again since ive updated.   Havent been to busy for the last month for cakes,  just a few.  I do have a couple more as of right now, before the year is up tho.  I had a booth at a near by towns flea market, so maybe some business will come from that.  The cake below is the cake i did last.  Its a 13th bday cake for a good friend of mines daughter.  She is into tie-dye and peace signs and stuff.  She really liked it.  The cakes are marble and its covered in buttercream frosting.   The peace signs, flowers,  the number 13 and the smiley faces are all made of marshmellow fondant.  I love how that stuff is like clay, to where u can make just about anything u want.
This cake was made for a very nice lady.  her name is edris and she turned 96 this month.  My sister said she use to do emroidery stuff, so i thought it would be neat to make it look like the design was embroidered,  i think it looks neat.  She had a very good birthday,  a lot of family came.
this cake was made for a little boy.  i think it turned out real good,  the cake is marble and the frosting is buttercream.
These 2 cakes were made for a birthday and anniversary.  The car on top of the cake is a pound cake covered in fondant.  my first one ive ever done.  The other cake is a 60th anniversary candle cake. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello everyone!  Happy Wednesday.   Today is a cloudy but good day,  i am soon leaving to go see my parents.  Today is my dads 68th'd bday.  I made him this cake because my mom has asked him in the past what he wants for supper, he replies - "pheasant under glass."  Well he's not getting glass, cause i couldnt find one of them type of lids to put on it, so he's getting the next best thing.  I know he'll like it.
This cake was made for a friend of mines' dad.  His parents were up visiting and i was asked to make this cake for him.  He got a kick out of it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hey everyone!  Its been quite a while since ive been on here, its not cause i havent done anything tho.  I got a part time job along with doing cakes.  I have pictures of all of what ive been doing since May.  I have one more wedding cake to do, but not for another couple months.  I will try to do a better job on keeping up on here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello everyone!  bet u cant tell what ive been doing.  Below are pics of the cakes i've done so far,  i have 2 more for this weekend.  2 of the pics are of my cake i made for my niece and i was a litte of center in putting congratulations on it.  I love how the cookies turned out tho. 
these took a lot of time to do and the sad part is that the cupcakes didnt make it.  i about cried when they fell out of my hands.  They really enjoyed the cake.  half choc/ half white cake, buttercream frositng and black fondant for the zebra stripes.
these 2 cakes came out nice, i like the writing on the side.
These 3 pics go together.  The rice krispie treat stars got lollipop sticks put in them and they will go into the cake that is blue.  I am hoping that they will send me a pic with the rice krispies in it.  The other cake took a little bit of time to do,  but turned out very neat i think.   Both are trimmed in silver dragees.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello everyone!  I know its been a bit since ive been on here.  I have posted 2 new wedding cakes that ive done and will plan on putting the graduation cakes that i've done later this week , my camera is not working with me at the moment.   The cake with the hearts on it in shades of blue was fun to make, pretty much could do what i wanted with it as long as it had hearts.  The day of the wedding was horrible.  The wedding went great, but the wind and the cold was something that everyone could of done without.  The cake was covered in fondant and the sheet cake was just covered in buttercream.   Will post pics of other cakes once i get my camera back.
This is Stacy and Jasons wedding cake.  I think it turned out well.  The top 2 tiers are buttercream and the bottom is covered in marshmallow fondant and the flavors are chocolate, white and marble. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello everyone!  Hope all is good with you.   I havent been on here for a bit,  i got a part time job and have been doing some other stuff as well.   I had a wedding this past weekend, it turned out really good.  I was really happy with how the fondant looked on the cakes, i still need a little work on the bigger cakes, but it still looked better than the first one i did.  i made the flowers that are on the sheet cake and the cupcakes out of fondant.  made with a daisy flower cutter.( i really like those!) The sheet cake is half choc and half white and the cupcakes were half chocolate and half white and the wedding cake was all white.    The wedding was really nice and everyone had a good time.