Saturday, September 26, 2009

I also ventured more in the pastry area and made some cream puffs today. ive never had them before and they are good. the shell and filling is a recipe from my grandma. the filling is custard i discovered. Had never made it before and the recipe dont say what kind of filling it is. These are so easy to make, but they take a while to make, but well worth it.

these are from a different silicone pan in the shape of pumpkins and the one in the lower right is from a silicone pan that is made to make snowflakes, but i thought it was more fitting to make a spider in a web for now.
and i scooped out a little from the middle and added cream cheese. the stem and the vines are also cream cheese. i just dyed it.

This is what the pan makes
this is the new pan that my sister got me from avon. i used my own pumpkin bar recipe and the philidelphia cream cheese recipe. i think they turned out good.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

well the other day i tried a new recipe. making cream horns. the crust is from a box, but the filling is made from scratch. i coated the cones with an eggwash then topped it with raw sugar. they smelled good and tasted yummy too.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hi everyone! I had a great weekend. I went garage selling on Saturday and also had a bday cake to make for a friend of mines daughter. I found a few things at the garage sales that i needed and some things that i thought i needed. lol. Later i decorated the birthday cake. It was a hit at the party. It was a webkinz theme and the cake was carrot with cream cheese frosting. If you notice on the computer monitor u can see a pic with the webkinz on that. Everyone thought that was cool. I printed off a pic from the webkinz website and put it on the monitor. It tasted very good, i know that cause we were also invited to the party as well. Hope everyone else had a great weekend too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here are my pretty flower cupcakes. Sorry the pic is a little blurry. At the event, i had about 4 or 5 kids ask me if they were real cupcakes. lol. i thought that was funny.

While making goodies for the event, i had some leftover brownie mix and created this. i dont know what to call it. i think i labeled it oreo bottom brownie or something like that. it is brownie with broken up pieces of oreos on the bottom, its mostly covered in ganache and then sprinkled with crushed oreo cookies(w/out the cream) What was surprising was that it wasnt very rich, but it was very good. would be awesome to have a dallop or 2 of ice cream or whip topping on it Yummmm!

Hello everyone. i have been been busy a little bit, had a couple cakes to make for over the weekend, plus had an event to go to for selling some of my goodies and promoting my business. I had a good time at the event. I got 2 cake orders. yeah!!! I made a birthday cake for a friend of mine and also a house warming cake. I, for some reason, cannot find the house warming cake, but a friend of mine took a picture of it, so when i get it from her i will put it on here, but here is the picture of the birthday cake. Annie and her family really enjoyed it.