Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey everyone. I said yesterday that i'd post the other 2 cakes that i made this weekend. Posted below are the 2. The one was my first bridal cake that ive done. Its marble with my buttercream frosting on it. The other one i was overall pretty happy with, i had messed up a little on tinkerbells legs so i had so fix it, the morning before i took it. The cake is white with buttercream frosting.
There is also edible glitter on the cake, you can kinda see it at the bottom of the cake, but i put more on her wings, then just a little on the rest of the cake. I hope the birthday girl and the bride to be enjoyed it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good afternoon everyone. Its the weekend and its going to stay white outside for a while longer yet. We got more snow coming to us tonight the weather man says. I dont want it, but i cant really do a whole lot about it. Anyway, I got all 3 of my cakes done that i had to do by the end of this week. One got delivered yesterday and the other 2 this morning. I will post those tomorrow. I was really happy with out this monkey cake turned out. I even drew the picture for it myself. It turned out good, i think. They really liked it too.

Monday, February 15, 2010

These cakes pictured below were all for this past sunday. One was for a friend of mines grandma, another one was for my friends mom and the last 2 were for my nieces bday that we celebrated yesterday. She really liked the purse cake. It was my first attempt at one. I was pretty happy with it overall, but i know i still need more practice with the fondant. Next weekend ill have more to show, i have 3 more cakes to do this week. Have a good week everyone!

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I did. I made 5 cakes over the past week and spent part of yesterday with my family. We celebrated my nieces bday, she turned 12. The cake pictured below was made for a friend of our family, but picked out by her daughter, i thought that was nice. They had a good party and everyone enjoyed the cake. She said she got a lot of comments about it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hi everyone! Hope all you are doing good. I had a good weekend. Went to a relay for life fundraiser and tried to sell my goodies. I didnt do to bad, but i think the fundraiser did well. They had a lot of people show up and some donations as well. Here pictured, are some things i made for it. I think they all turned out yummy and i just love that i can be creative and design the stuff the way i want. It is lots of fun.