Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello everyone!  bet u cant tell what ive been doing.  Below are pics of the cakes i've done so far,  i have 2 more for this weekend.  2 of the pics are of my cake i made for my niece and i was a litte of center in putting congratulations on it.  I love how the cookies turned out tho. 
these took a lot of time to do and the sad part is that the cupcakes didnt make it.  i about cried when they fell out of my hands.  They really enjoyed the cake.  half choc/ half white cake, buttercream frositng and black fondant for the zebra stripes.
these 2 cakes came out nice, i like the writing on the side.
These 3 pics go together.  The rice krispie treat stars got lollipop sticks put in them and they will go into the cake that is blue.  I am hoping that they will send me a pic with the rice krispies in it.  The other cake took a little bit of time to do,  but turned out very neat i think.   Both are trimmed in silver dragees.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello everyone!  I know its been a bit since ive been on here.  I have posted 2 new wedding cakes that ive done and will plan on putting the graduation cakes that i've done later this week , my camera is not working with me at the moment.   The cake with the hearts on it in shades of blue was fun to make, pretty much could do what i wanted with it as long as it had hearts.  The day of the wedding was horrible.  The wedding went great, but the wind and the cold was something that everyone could of done without.  The cake was covered in fondant and the sheet cake was just covered in buttercream.   Will post pics of other cakes once i get my camera back.
This is Stacy and Jasons wedding cake.  I think it turned out well.  The top 2 tiers are buttercream and the bottom is covered in marshmallow fondant and the flavors are chocolate, white and marble.