Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hi everyone!  Hope all is well with everyone.  Things have been kinda slow for orders here lately, but its alright,  gives me time to play around with ideas ive had for things.  i will post pics of them.   This cake here is one a did for a friends 2 boys,  both their bdays are in september.  It turned out really well i think and they enjoyed it too!  i have a few orders coming up for birthdays and a baby shower.  I still got one more wedding for this year to do, as of right now anyway.  Have a good day everyone!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello everyone!  Its been a while again since ive updated.   Havent been to busy for the last month for cakes,  just a few.  I do have a couple more as of right now, before the year is up tho.  I had a booth at a near by towns flea market, so maybe some business will come from that.  The cake below is the cake i did last.  Its a 13th bday cake for a good friend of mines daughter.  She is into tie-dye and peace signs and stuff.  She really liked it.  The cakes are marble and its covered in buttercream frosting.   The peace signs, flowers,  the number 13 and the smiley faces are all made of marshmellow fondant.  I love how that stuff is like clay, to where u can make just about anything u want.
This cake was made for a very nice lady.  her name is edris and she turned 96 this month.  My sister said she use to do emroidery stuff, so i thought it would be neat to make it look like the design was embroidered,  i think it looks neat.  She had a very good birthday,  a lot of family came.
this cake was made for a little boy.  i think it turned out real good,  the cake is marble and the frosting is buttercream.
These 2 cakes were made for a birthday and anniversary.  The car on top of the cake is a pound cake covered in fondant.  my first one ive ever done.  The other cake is a 60th anniversary candle cake.