Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello everyone!  Hope all is good with you.   I havent been on here for a bit,  i got a part time job and have been doing some other stuff as well.   I had a wedding this past weekend, it turned out really good.  I was really happy with how the fondant looked on the cakes, i still need a little work on the bigger cakes, but it still looked better than the first one i did.  i made the flowers that are on the sheet cake and the cupcakes out of fondant.  made with a daisy flower cutter.( i really like those!) The sheet cake is half choc and half white and the cupcakes were half chocolate and half white and the wedding cake was all white.    The wedding was really nice and everyone had a good time.
This cake was made for a friend of my nephews.  He likes Modern Warfare.  I was a little aggravated cause when i first had the fondant rolled out it was more blotchy, but parts of it stuck to the table, so i had to re knead it some,  so it blended it more.  i was like, dangit!  but i think it still turned out pretty good.  the whole cake, the dog tags and the army man is all fondant.  the chain and writing is frosting.  the cake was german chocolate, yumm!  His parents and him liked it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

These pictures below are from my sisters bday party last weekend.  My sister, myself, my niece and my sisters' daughter decorated it.  It was a fun day and we had fun decorating it.
Hello everyone!  Hope everyones weekend is going well.  I had a good weekend.  Spent some time with the family and also did a wedding cake.  I think it turned out really well.  The cakes are marbled , there were also 2 sheet cakes too, they were white and red velvet and i just trimmed them in black and the pool blue.  I hope her wedding went great,  it was such a beautiful day out for it.

Well coming up, i got a couple  birthday cakes and a wedding/prom show this next weekend.  Hope it goes well for the few hrs that we do it.  I will let u know.   Have a good week everyone.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!   Hope everybody has a great day.  Well i survived my first wedding.  I was so nervous.   I am overall happy with the outcome, i still need more work on working with fondant,  like knowing about how thin it is when it gets to big to use the guide rings on the rolling pin.   I also had some bubbles that i fixed as best i could too,  i dont know exactly why that happens yet.   Everyone that seen it was really happy with it, so yeah!  I know it'll get easier in time,  just wish that in time was already here. 
I was asked to make these cookies for a lady's nieces' bridal shower.  I was pretty happy with the outcome, except for the frosting being darker than i wanted.  I hope they enjoy.   The cookies are sugar cookies and the frosting is just my buttercream frosting and the shells are fondant.