Monday, November 30, 2009

I got more cupcake orders this week. I am also making some goodies for another bake sale. This time for a friends daughter who is going to be going to Australia next year. They are raising money for her to go, so i hope there bakesale goes well. The weather will be chilly, but sunny, so cross your fingers! They are also making other things for it too like bbq pork sandwiches and stuff. I hope they do great! Have more things coming up, another open house 2 birthday cakes and a graduation cake. Im excited that things are going well with the progress of trying to get somewhere with decorating. Will keep you all updated!
Hi everyone. i made this dolphin cake for a friend of mine that just loves dolphins. She really liked it. i tried to make the frosting look like water with waves in it. and the dolphins on the side and on top are made out of mmf. I have more work ahead of me with working with fondant. especially with trying to make things look smooth and good.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hi everyone. I took part in a open house that wasnt to successful, but oh well. I made these cute cupcakes and some brownies sprinkled with powdered sugar, using a stencil. they turned out good. Today i am going to try to make a coconut cream pie with marangue, we'll see how that turns out, ill keep ya posted.

Friday, November 20, 2009

This is my first cake that i ever covered in fondant. Marshmellow Fondant. I made it myself using a recipe i found on the internet. i think i did pretty good for my first time making and covering a cake. i know its just a little one, but i'm still proud of myself. i took it along with the other cake for her to see and to have a choice. She went with both things. main wedding cake using the mmf and then sheet cakes using my buttercream frosting. So Awesome!!!!
these pics are the sample tier that i took to show the girl today. she liked it! and it was even prettier with the flowers that my friend added to it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey everyone. My week will be a little busy. I made this very pretty birthday cake for a little girl named Emily. She really liked it, thought it was very pretty. I was pretty happy with it, except, i know i need more practice with my roses. I was also disappointed that the roses turned out darker than i wanted. The other roses in the picture looks blue, but they were a violet color. I even took a picture with the flash and those pictures still make them look blue. Oh well, the important thing is , is that the birthday girl liked it.
I also am kinda nervous. I am going to be meeting with a girl on thursday to show her a sample of a tier of the cake she wants for her wedding. I hope she likes what she sees and also likes how it tastes. (i will post pics of it later this week.) I am also going to be making stuff for my one sister, for a party that she's having and some stuff for a open house that i'm going to be attending this sat. I will, also, be making cream horns for my friend for her to take to her families house for Thanksgiving. I hope i get everything done, then i'll take a little break.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My sister got me a spot in a silent auction that is going on at my near by town. So i made some pretty winter time sugar cookies. I know its not even Thanksgiving yet, but i really wanted to make some snowflake cookies and use my new sprinkles. I hope whoever gets them enjoys them.

Hello everyone! My cupcakes turned out really good that i made for the little girl to take to her school. She just loved them when she seen them. It made me happy, hope everyone enjoys them at her school.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween. I did. We helped out our friends at their haunted house. We had lots of fun and hope to do it again next year. I also had my first cookie order. I was pretty excited about that. I think they turned out really and i was told that they were a hit at the school. I have an order for cupcakes coming up this next week. I get to decorate them how i want, which is cool. I get to be creative. I will be adding the photo(s) of those later.