Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey everyone. My week will be a little busy. I made this very pretty birthday cake for a little girl named Emily. She really liked it, thought it was very pretty. I was pretty happy with it, except, i know i need more practice with my roses. I was also disappointed that the roses turned out darker than i wanted. The other roses in the picture looks blue, but they were a violet color. I even took a picture with the flash and those pictures still make them look blue. Oh well, the important thing is , is that the birthday girl liked it.
I also am kinda nervous. I am going to be meeting with a girl on thursday to show her a sample of a tier of the cake she wants for her wedding. I hope she likes what she sees and also likes how it tastes. (i will post pics of it later this week.) I am also going to be making stuff for my one sister, for a party that she's having and some stuff for a open house that i'm going to be attending this sat. I will, also, be making cream horns for my friend for her to take to her families house for Thanksgiving. I hope i get everything done, then i'll take a little break.

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