Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tonight for supper, i thought i'd be a little creative. What i made isnt real creative, but just a different way of having one of my favorite foods PIZZA!! I pressed out the dough in a rectangle shape the best i could. then added some seasoning, pepperoni and cheese. I then rolled it up as if i was making cinnamon rolls. it got kinda messy, because as i rolled it up, the stuff i put inside was wanting to come out the ends and was getting pushed out some at the long end. I did pretty good in keeping it in there and it only spilled a little. i then cut the roll into slices , about 3/4 inch thick. i placed them into my baking dish and cooked them for 25mins at 375 degrees. I want to make them again, but will prob use more dough and maybe a different filling. I also want to baste them with butter and garlic too. Very good supper. yumm!

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